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Our SRC Courses.

Route to the Marine VHF Radio Operator's Licence

Two choices:  A “Classroom” course or an on-line “Interactive” course.

If you think you want a ‘classroom course’ then go to our Menu and select “SRC/VHF Classroom”, otherwise this page is about the:

RYA Interactive SRC

This course is done by you alone on your computer. On this page you can check out your computer is compatable with the programme and, if you wish, you can enrol on the course through 1st Watersport.

Picture of E-Learning Award

RYA Interactive SRC

Picture of E-Learning Award
This course is done by you alone on your computer. On this page you can check out your computer is compatable with the programme and, if you wish, you can enrol on the course through 1st Watersport.

The course is self-learned by following a programme of instruction and tests. After you have enrolled with us, you will download the programme from the Internet from an RYA web site. When you have completed the on-line Interactive part, you will get a special certificate to print, to show you have completed that bit. You then will need to fix up a practical assessment with us. The assessment will be held in Leicestershire, most probably in LE8. It should last two to three hours. If you reach the required standard at the practical assessment, we help you to complete the Marine Band VHF Licence appication form which is then sent to RYA who will issue your licence.

Fees for this Course

£85 buys you the interactive course, our support while you are on the course and us providing you with our time & VHF radio equipment for one practical assessment.

Try this YouTube Video

Computer Technical Requirements

The course has the following minimum requirements:
  • Internet connection (broadband or 3G). Charges may apply for 3G
  • 1024 x 768 available screen space
  • JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser
  • Microphone and speakers/headphones
Platform specific minimum requirements (in addition, see ‘Known issues’ below):
  • PC Windows Vista Service Pack 2 1 GHz (x86) processor 512 MB RAM Sound card. Quicktime (for viewing videos) - available from Apple
  • iPad/iPad Mini using iOS 6 or above
Mac users:
  • Mac models must be 2008 or newer. Intel processor OS X 10.6 or above
  • RYA has changed the way that Mac users download the course which overcomes previous security issues:
        Free download from the Mac App Store (will only work after you have purchased the course).
i Pad:
  • The course is now available via the iPad App Store (will only work after you have purchased the course).

Known Issues

Note: you must decide whether to update your computer as it may affect other applications already installed.

Netbooks are not supported due to the reduced screen resolution.

Windows won’t allow the course to close
Some Windows computers (usually Windows 8) show an error message when you try to close the course and will relaunch it automatically. Keep trying and it will close eventually.

Windows XP
Windows XP and earlier operating systems are not compatible with this course.

iPad/iPad Mini
Older generation iPads may have performance issues.

Taster Course

You must install the SRC Taster Course before buying the full course to check that it will work on your computer. If the taster works OK, the full course will work too.

Mac users: The taster course will soon be available in the Mac App Store too.

Click this Taster Link  and see a few screens of the course, use the interactive radio and check that the course will run on your computer

If you would like to book this course with 1st Watersport, near the bottom of this page you will be asked if you were able to download and run the Taster.

About the Practical Assessment

This section contains special Terms & Conditions that are unique to booking the Interactive Course with us.

When you attend an SRC practical assessment, you have to pay the additional sum of £60 to RYA with the completed application and you have to supply a passport sized photograph.

The level of competence required for a Marine Band VHF radio licence holder was set by the ‘Conférence européenne des administrations des postes et des télécommunications’ (CEPT) and administered in the UK by The RYA on behalf of the Coastguard Agency. Applicants must satisfy a practical test of their ability to operate a radio in approximately six different scenarios including ‘Distress’ working and to be able to explain how other communication systems covered by the SOLAS regulations function. Candidates also have to pass a written test.

Recognising that different applicants will complete this ‘self-study’ in their own time and at their own pace, it is difficult to know in advance exactly when an Interactive SRC course applicant will be ready for final assessment.

1st Watersport undertake to:
  • conduct at least one SRC assessment session in each calendar month of the year.
  • try to agree a date and time with each applicant that suits both parties for the assessment.
  • for the benifit of the applicant, try to arrange assessments so that more than one applicant is present, so they may practise communications with each other.
  • if necessary, arrange an assessment session for one learner alone.
If booking, you must agree that:
  • you will be liable for your own travel costs to and from the venue allocated for the assessment.
  • if you agree a date for an SRC assessment and then you subsequently fail to attend, 1st Watersport may make a separate charge for your replacement assessment session.
  • if you book the course with 1st Watersport, having claimed your computer appears to be able to run this Interactive programme but subsequently you are unable to download and run the course, RYA will arbitrate.

About your personal data

To enable access to your online course we need to share some of your personal data with the RYA via your user profile in This learning management website is hosted and maintained by a third party called Learning Pool, who will not use your personal information for any reason other than enabling your course.

Your name and email address will be entered on in order to create your user account. On your first access to the site, you will be asked to enter your address and date of birth. You will have access to the site for one year in order to complete your online course. During this period, your personal information will be held on the website by Learning Pool and be available to this training centre and the RYA for the purpose of managing your course.

Instructional support will be provided by 1st Watersport for a period of one year from the date of your course booking.

On completion of your course, your name, email, date of birth and address will be transferred to the RYA's central database for the purpose of recording details of the course and any certification you gain as a result of it. This information allows the RYA to record your certification, to update any records they may already hold about you or your qualifications and to verify your certificate if required. After one year from the date of your enrolment on the course, your user account will be removed from

Full details of how the RYA will deal with your personal information will be displayed when you first access

Book your Interactive course

You must have watched the video and tried the Taster. Choose a Username and Password for the RYA Interactive web-site. Send E-mail to  about this and tell us your chosen Username and Password and we will tell you how to enrol and pay us for the course. Later we will need to agree arrangements with you about taking your final assessment, using training radios with us (probably in Leicestershire).
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