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Home page: News from 1st Watersport  Welcome to 1st Watersport, delivering RYA Shorebased Courses in Leicestershire and Yacht Sailing Holidays and experiences

Our Shorebased Courses

About the Safe and Fun Course  Enrol for the RYA Interactive Safe and Fun course, Safeguarding Children and Vunerable Adults in a RYA environment

About our SRC Courses  RYA Interactive SRC or Shorebased VHF SRC Marine Radio Operators course

RYA Interactive SRC Marine Radio Course  Book your course through 1st Watersport here!

Phonetic Alphabet and Mayday Procedure  Mayday Procedure and Phonetic Alphabet for use in Distress Marine Radio for Communications

About our Day Skipper Courses  RYA Day Skipper Shorebased course in Leicestershire

About our Coastal Skipper Courses  RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased course in Leicestershire

Going to Sea

Picture Gallery  Pictures of People, Pictures of Yachts, Ships and boats and Pictures of Places: images from our activities

RYA Practical Courses  Practical courses at Sea on a sailing yacht

About Us

About 1st Watersport, our background  About our small business

Customers Feedback  Customers saying what they thought of their experience with us

Terms and Conditions of Business  Our Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy  How we will treat your personal information

Contact Us

Contact us by E-mail  How to contact us by E-mail

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Useful Links  Web Links for yachting

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